Every weekend I will try to visit all my contacts.

I want to see what they want to share.

I will comment, fav or just visit and I will tag the best photos with "WWWonder" and show 3 of them in this blog.

Have your own Weekend Walk and tag your favorites with "WWWonder" too, if you want.

Other Weekend Walkers are: Waechor and Roberto Ballerini

And join the group Weekend Walk Wonderz

Here are:


Weekend Walk #18 12/29/2007

by nomoveon -------------------------------- by Marinkel * -------------------------- by Wp Klein

Weekend Walk #17 12/23/2007

by I am ------------------------------ by Nathou -------------------------------------- by manganite

Weekend Walk #16 12/16/2007

by Parallax(e) --------------------------- by be·mo·re -------------------------- by Silje

Weekend Walk #15 12/09/2007

by frzw -------------------------------------------- by ronky ----------------------------------------------- by absche

Weekend Walk #14 12/01/2007

by Mona Lisa ------------------------------- by Aelle -------------------------------------- by mrs.becca

Weekend Walk #13 11/25/2007

by melpomene ------------------ by Christine Lebrasseur -------------------- by extranoise

Weekend Walk #12 11/17/2007

by Tupelo Honey -------------------- by Emile Zwaltek ----------------- by bigoode

Weekend Walk #11 11/09/2007

by Don Andre ------------------- by guido ---------------------------------------- by Iguana Jo

Weekend Walk #10 11/04/2007

by Akiruna ------------------------------------------ by Rwn. ---------------------------- by Paul Tremblay