Don't get me wrong, I love ipernity. It gives me the simple, uncluttered interface I so loved on the old Flickr, in contrast to the horrible 'in your face' mess that is Flickr now. However, I noticed that despite administering my ipernity account as I did with Flickr - commenting on others photographs, fostering the right contacts, joining appropriate groups, I cannot get anything like the traffic I did on Flickr.

To give you an example. A photograph I uploaded to ipernity in early June, has (as I write) had 58 views, 4 comments and 10 'faves'

Yesterday, as an experiment, I uploaded the same photo to Flickr (and again, as I write) it has received 2,501 views, 13 comments and 73 'faves' and is #102 on Explored! That's in one day!

In nearly 3 months on ipernity, my most viewed photograph has had only 88 views, my most popular, 12 'likes' and the most commented photo has 15 comments.

So whilst I love ipernity's interface and community, It looks like Flickr is where I will get the most views (and we all like the praise, surely?), I don't know why this should be the case, unless of course, despite the large migration from Flickr after its unilateral interface redesign and membership changes debacle, it still has an overwhelming larger user base?

Update: As of April 2014, Flickr views 6,769 and ipernity 101
I'm convinced that this is due in large part to the 'counting' system used by Flickr which are not 'real' views as such.

Said photograph.........

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