I've changed my posting strategy as my backlog of photos is getting too big. Usually I have been uploading about 15 photos a day, but now I've upped it to 20 or so. However, some of the photos are set as private so they are invisible to you. Once they reach the second page then I make them public. For those of you that go past the first page will see them. Viewing the album slideshow is the proper way to view them anyway :)

I've also started posting more photos out of sequence as I need them for my blog

More Gimpses of Unfamiliar Japan

My initial reason for joing flickr, and then ipernity, was to host my photos for my intended blog.

I've made a new album Blogged and all the photos in the album have the link to the relevant blog post.

As always I am humbled by your visits, kind comments, and faves. Thanks :)