I rarely get comments on my photographic skill!..... which is as it should be, as my photographic skills are rudimentary at best.

My photos aren't about photography, they are about seeing.

And that is what I get most comments on, my "eye".

Let me clarify. I take photos of whatever strikes my eye. Notice the object versus subject! My eye is passive. Its a form of non-seeing. I wouldn't see if I was busy looking. Can't see the wood for the trees.

If I look for beauty in flowers, naked women, sunsets, etc then I am missing 99% of the beauty that surrounds me.

Anyway, I suspect I owe my "eye" to having spent most of my life as a painter.

I was a very prolific painter, and the total of my works ran into the tens of thousands.

I sold a lot, so probably there are still some of my works hanging on various walls around the planet, but the vast majority of my paintings no longer exist. Once a painting was finished, it was no longer important to me.

Which brings me to my latest uploads. I recently discovered a box of slides of a selection of my artworks. Quickly scanned them and uploaded them. They may give a clue to my "eye". They are in my Paintings album.