I've mentioned before that I find the emphasis on the "new" to be somewhat of a tyranny. In terms of sites like ipernity it means that older photos simply don't get seen. Charp has started a group that deals with this.

Vide-grenier/Garage Sale

To quote from the groups homepage. "Internet is the world of the short-lived. Here on Ipernity, new pictures drive old ones away, in the dark depths where nobody can see them anymore. :-) This group intends to react against this tragedy by bringing some of them out of oblivion. Pay attention to the rules. Their goal is to slow oblivion here! ;-)"

So, those of you who have been here on ipernity for more than 6 months, its a place to post those "oldies but goodies", and for newer members its a place to view some great photos.


The last sequence of photos I uploaded were taken on a weekend last October. One of my little businesses that I am trying to build up is as a tour guide. I'm interested in taking people "off the beaten track" in Japan to see and experience a side of Japan that tourists rarely see. The Molnar's were an American couple I took around for a few days. We visited Izumo Taisha, Hinomisaki Jinja, Tatamigaura, the bridge at Aquas, and a festival in Gotsu.

The new sequence I'm uploading were taken on my lunchbreak. You probably havent noticed, but on Wednesdays (Tuesdays for most of your timezone) I post fewer pictures, because thats the one day a week I go to Hamada to work.