The Jebel Sahro is an area of southern Morocco, in the Anti Atlas Mountains which lie between the Atlas Mountains and the Sahara.

It was the last area of Morocco to be colonized by France, and is still remote with just a couple of dirt roads crossing it.

In February 2007 I walked across 200kms, with a small group. Tents, food, equipment and baggage were carried by 3 mules, each led by a muleteer, and we had a Berber guide who spoke passable English.

I went with a friend who organizes walking tours in various places around the globe, though mostly in Cornwall. is his website if anyone is interested.

We took ten days to walk the 200k, so it was easy going.

I love the desert. I spent 12 years in Arizona because of that love, and after 5 years in Japan my soul was desperately in need of what only the desert can give me.

The Jebel Sahro is awesome country. It reminded me a lot of Navajo Country, where I had lived for 5 years, and the Berber people we met reminded me of the Navajo in many ways.

That winter there had been a break in the ten year drought, and everyone said it was greener than anytime in the last ten years. On the second day of the hike we had some freezing rain, but the other days were mostly sunny and warm.

The pics I'm posting now are from Day 4 of the hike. below are links to the photos of the first three days.

Day 1

Day 2

Day 3