I upload quite a few photos every day.

Several people have removed me as contact because ipernity still hasn't listened to an oft-voiced request to change the format of the contacts Latest Docs page.

My dilemma is that my backlog of slideshows/photos gets larger. I have a couple of thousand photos from this and last year still to upload.

So I think I have to increase my daily uploads.

The format of the stream is also problematic for me.

If you come to my docs, they are in reverse order, you see the later pics in the sequence and work backwards.

Not sure how to get around it, except to suggest that the best way to view my stream is via album slideshows.

I apologize that I am not a very "verbal" contact. I rarely comment on your pics, and rarely reply to your comments, unless there is a question, which I am always very happy to answer.

I truly appreciate your visits, comments, and faves, and I enjoy looking at every single one of your streams.