Many thanks for all the messages of concern that you have sent in the past few days.

Yoko and I live far from the affected area and have no friends or family there so we are alright.

The scale of the disaster is now becoming apparent, with the death toll rising hourly.

Most of the damage and deaths were caused by the tsunami, and while Japan has a very good disaster warning system in place that manged to save untold numbers, the tsunami hit so quickly that there was simply no time for the elderly especially to flee.

There has been some radioactivty released from the damaged nuclear power stations, and while it is early days yet it seems probable that a major disaster is unlikely.

Several villages and small towns have been flattened and there are many people made homeless, so if anyone is wanting to help I would suggest donations to the Japanese Red Cross. Their website is receiving a lot of traffic but it should be easy to donate from your country.

Once again, many thanks for your merssages and sorry if I havent been able to answer them all personally.