of the set/album that I am currently uploading. It will be about 600 photos in total, shot, not surprisingly, in a 48 hour period.

Back in May we headed down to Fukuoka in Kyushu to meet up with some Mexican photographers who were having an exhibition there.

We left home Friday lunchtime and got back Sunday lunchtime.

We took smaller roads so we could explore on the way.

An hour after leaving home we stopped at a "road station" / rest area, and I was fascinated by the nearby bridge, shadows on things, and reflections in a rice paddy.

About half an hour later we were driving through a small village in the mountains of Hiroshima when I spied a shrine. I stop at every shrine I pass as I am involved in research concerning ancient Japanese religion.

From the shrine we saw a thatched roof gate nearby, so we wandered over and discovered a wonderful old temple. The gate was stupendous, and it turns out it is the last thatched temple gate in all of Hiroshima, but beyond the gate we came into a marvellous garden. If this garden was in Kyoto or some other tourist area there would have been crowds of people as well as an entrance fee.


The priest's wife came out to talk to us and show us around, and took us behind the temple to a small museum, for it turns out that in the grounds of the temple is the only remaining spawning ground of an endangered Giant Salamander. The Salamander can grow to more than 1.5 metres in length. We spent a good hour around the temple and then headed off again towards Kyushu.

The next stop was even more surprising than the temple.

I will be uploading the 600 photos in sections, but anytime is a good time to view the slideshow.