April 27 2010

Heron with a fish

That dark stuff in the middle of the image is shallow seagrass; a dark green paradise for the small and vulnerable creatures in the gulf. It shelters the foundations of economies and food pyramids and climate stability and beauty that can make you a better person just by looking at it. It is inexorably linked to the shore lines of Florida mangroves where the sea water and fresh water fuse in a barrier of fatal importance to even larger economies and even larger food pyramids and even greater climatic stability and astounding beauty that can make you a better person just by looking at it.

Petroleum (the putrid effluent of the Earth's bowels) is being sacrificially expelled into the blood waters of the Earth where its cancer rots the flesh of that shallow seagrass and the mangroves and the Egret, possibly out of existence.

I once scoffed at the meditations of Karl Marx where he declared religion the opiate of the masses. Tying religion to all the social exploitation and subjugation of the working classes seemed the folly of someone who filtered his thinking with poison. I was wrong. Marx could not have known what the future was bringing or just how spot on his assessment would be when the industrial revolution created the new religion. That new religion has made a mockery of all others and it is absolutely the opiate of the masses and the name of the religion is OIL. Put some in the fuel tank of your choice and worship deeply. I do.

Scott Cooper