The center out and back
From the root to the branch
Between the east and west
And vice versa
The sun breaks night dragging
Joy and consequence
Up from the nocturnal cellar
Into the garden of
Uproarious expectations
And withering realities

Then night defeats the sun
In the cool exhaustion
Of things done in the dark
Under bright lights
On warm beds
And cold ground
In deep slumber with
Coughing fits
Passions of desire
Unrequited crimes
Unconditional love

The pendulum swings through
The substance of space
In the spirit of the flesh
Slashing across the egalitarian
Path of suffering humility
And fluid ambition
Pinioned on the alloy
Axel of honor
And instinct
And divine intervention

The teeter totters
On the playground of exaltation and
Humiliation descending
Ascending triumphs and
Out there at the ends levering
Sin and righteousness
On a crazy ride of
Hope and despair in wild
Gyrations of success and defeat
Where the survivors pull toward
The center, the fulcrum, the balance