Devil drives progress like a hell-bent teamster
hauling a thousand tons of kerosene and scrap metal
destined for a collision with a short term future.
You hold onto your ass in the impact
careening dumbfounded, hurdling
over the consequential corpses
of collateral damage and evil intent.

It's a new day sweetheart
A new paradigm
A new world
A new order

Delivery was over the top and right on time
coming wrapped in a red ribbon
straight from the inferno filled
with bon-bons of sweet vigilance and chocolate
covered cluster fucks.

Devil doesn't have a care 'cause he knows when and
how to plant the seeds,
prime the pump, spin the wheel,
stroke your ego and jump start your soul
motivating you to do something, anything
like Orwell with that elephant

S.C. Sept. 11, 2011 -The Slackass Poets