I took with me some boxes full of old photographies when I visited my parents last weekend, in order to scan all those pictures. For most pictures I have absolutely no clue who is on them, I could recognise my grand parents on some of them, but mostly it is just unknown people to me... Luckily some have comments written on their backside (although written in Sütterlin handwriting which is almost undecipherably), so I can at least hope to find out what they show.

My scanner is a HP4890, which can do negatives as well. And it really sucks. It does not work under Linux so I had to boot windows for the first time in months. It started to update and complained that it wanted to reboot. I tried to click on "reboot later" but for some reasons it automatically rebooted while I wasn't watching. Then it annoyed my with little messages like "This computer has been rebooted" and "You have unused Icons lying around".

The scan program sucks as well, if you scan negatives it always wants to scale up the images by 300% while scanning at 200dpi. So you get a huge file with a bad resolution. Also it can only do correctly exposed negatives, if they are too dense it just borks. And you cannot cancel. Once I forgot to set it to sane scaling sizes, it complained that the image was going to be to big for my computer (well, a 6x9cm negative with 1200dpi scaled by 300%...) and I should do something. Unfortunately I couldn't, because I couldn't cancel that bloody scan, it just kept trying and complaining about the size. I hate computers...

As for the negatives: I think the best will be to enlarge them with decent BW paper and then scan the positives.