Maybe somebody is interested in how I treat my pictures...:

Info: My camera time setting is UTC, I use Linux and mainly shoot RAW. Pictures are stored on a NAS mounted as ~/Photos/ (well, symlinked, but that's a detail)

1 Import Pictures with f-spot from CF card. f-spot currently sucks and changes the time to UTC (it assumes that your camera runs on the same time-zone as your computer, and it completely ignores possible changes due to DST). So I run the shift date and time extension to get everything back to a sane state. Fortunately f-spot cannot write metadata to RAW files, so everything there stays untouched. Add tags, go over the images and rate with 1 to 5 stars. Only pictures with 4 or 5 stars are developped, pictures which have technical defects (defocussed, shaken etc) are deleted immedeately.

2 Geotag images with geotag. Geotag writes the Metadata to an xmp file, as it also cannot write to raw files. This is not started from f-spot, I run it completely stand-alone. I have a gps-track for each day, pictures for which I do not have gps info are either left alone or if I have the time geotagged with Google Maps/Earth (using geotag)

3 Develop pictures with ufraw from f-spot. I use the newest ubuntu packages from pmjdebruin. I use sometimes color profiles for a EOS10 or EOS400, sometimes no color profile. Whatever looks better... On the long run, I'd like to make a color profile for my camera, but I need a profile template which costs a fortune.

4 Additional image treatment with the Gimp, like B&W conversion. There are some nice plugins which simulate B&W film. Rotation I sometimes correct in f-spot, but most other stuff like vignetting etc I do in gimp. Pictures I want to upload now get the tag "To Ipernity"

5 Fix the metadata of the images using exiftool. As f-spot messes up the time and the geo-info from the xmp files is ignored for now, I copy all tags from the raw-file and all tags from the xmp file to the jpgs. I also add copyright and author information with the script below:

set -e

find . -type f -name "*${ext}" | while read i; do 
	# Get basename of file for easier treatment
	bn=`basename $i $ext` ;	
	find . -type f -name "${bn}*.jpg" | while read j; do
		echo "Fixing $j";
		exiftool -TagsFromFile "${i}" "${j}";
		# check if there is an xmp file (eg generated by geotag program)
		if [ -e ${bn}.xmp ]; then 
			exiftool -TagsFromFile "${bn}.xmp" "${j}"
		# Add Copyright and Author Info
		exiftool -Author="Nils Pickert" \
		-OwnerName="Nils Pickert" \
                -UserComment="(c) 2008 Nils Pickert, all rights reserved" "${j}";

6 Export all pictures which I want to upload in a batch to a temporary folder (with the f-spot extension "export to folder"). Then use iperUpload to set titles and tags and upload everything.

What I want to change soon in this workflow:

  • I hope that gets the time handling correct soon, so I do not need to mess around there anymore
  • Adding a steganographic watermark would be nice
  • Get a Mac and Lightroom to keep my mental sanity as this right now is overly complicated