I am off on another train again in one hour - this time straight through to Moscow, so this will be a very short post, sorry...

To finish the story from last time: After being offered several taxis at outrageous prices, I realised that even the non-rip-off price is quite outrageous. It did take me to the hotel that was said to be the cheapest - and they, naturally, had no free rooms. So I walked to the train station, where sometimes there are rooms as well - but not here. Comtemplating whether I should stay there for the night or find another place, I realised that what I wanted the most after my border adventures was a safe place - and so checked into a hotel for a very reasonable price for such a nice, central place. The next day was spent walking around, taking all the pictures I will upload once my laptop is up and running again, checking-in and unchecking my luggage, booking my tickets back, and running to the train station to catch my train.

There isn't much to say about the Transsiberian in this short time, but it is an experience. I was with Russians who didn't speak English, which probably only made it more fun. A detailed post about life on the trains shall come once I have more time.

Argh, and now I have to be off to catch my train - more later from Moscow!