That is how Neutral Milk Hotel described the process of adapting to a foreign environment. I have a feeling that is what I am doing at the moment - I literally just jumped in there, little plan, little idea of what I would be doing, where I would be going. Now, nearly three days later, I'm about to leave properly for the first time - with somewhat more properly packed bags, a couple of contacts made, an idea of where I want to go, an idea of where I will go from there, and having gotten more used to being on the road again.


A brief rundown of how I got here - Saturday night I stood at the train station in Shanghai, having quite clearly missed my train to Nanchang, and wondered where to go next. The next best bet would be Wenzhou or Ningbo, both further south, but not nearly as far as I had hoped. Ningbo, however, is close to Putoushan, and so after arriving at 4am in the morning, talking to the crowd of curious Chinese who surrounded me to observe what that strange white boy with the humongous backpack was doing, giving home a call and dropping off my luggage at a small street store, I was off to one of the four holy Buddhist mountains of China, which is also one of China's most popular resorts. Beaches, a mountain, lots of sun and sea.


Coming back the same night by ferry and boat, I explored Ningbo clubs a little. To cut the long story short: After not deciding to take a train, missing a bus because there was no free taxi to the bus station for 30 minutes, spending a fantastically random night being invited by "Angela" and her friend to the nightlife of this little town (5 million people), naturally I overslept the next bus this morning. And then the check-out time of the little hostel I am staying at. And if I don't hurry now, I'll muss my bus once again!


On to Xiamen -> Bring on the Sleeper Bus!