This is not just about dolls. When I talk about dolls, I usually am talking about me, my issues and concerns, my dreams, my disappointments, my anything.

I came here from another photo sharing site that have changed so much. I didn't leave that site because I couldn't handle the change. It's just that the changes made me become sure of what I want and it wasn't the change I wanted.

I'm initially uploading my old doll photos. They are not the best in technique nor in style but they do reflect what I was before. Before dolls are just dolls--not fashion dolls, action dolls, collector items, limited edition dolls, vintage dolls nor high-end dolls. They are just tools I use to express myself, little things that makes me happy.

As time went on, my dolls changed. My photos changed. My concerns changed. If you'll follow my posts, you'll see how they change.