Yesterday was my anniversary in Kuwait - and I forgot ;) No wonder in that weather. Well, I remembered today. One year. If I wouldn't know that that miserable summer is coming I would say, that year wasn't too bad. I met a few great people, most of them wandered different paths after a short while, but I am still thankful to them for helping me out, showing me around, driving me around, meeting me and bearing with "picture bug" me :) Thanks to those people Kuwait was actually pretty easy to get settled in. I visited a lot of places that most Kuwaitis don't even know exist (*grins at Linus* :) ) There are still a lot of places on my list though. - Sadu House of weaving - the museum right beside that - the war museum - the place where they did build the Dhows - Dunes in the desert - Failaka one more time - the place where there are the Flamingos I'm sure there are more. These are just the ones I remember now. I just checked, I even have a post from last year. I'll copy it from my old blog over here though. Want to do that anyway with all my posts (I know, you know THAT already in abundance). ~ Here you go ~ And now, here we are 1 year later.

I'm ready to move on, wouldn't mind another tour in Korea. Still so much to see. Doesn't seem that that will happen though. Oh well. I guess we have some hot months ahead of us ;)