OK,ok, a "bit" late, but here is part 2 from our Bahrain tour in October (and yes, there will be at least one more part ;) )

This time when we arrived at the airport, we didn't forget to pick up our luggage, but when we got out of the airport there was Noone to pick us up either. A few Phone calls and 20 minutes later the guy from the Novotel Al-Dana Resort picked us up. Better late then never ;). We had a pleasant and quick ride to the Hotel, a quick Check-In and a beautiful room to rest in. (Not my Best pictures ever...oh well.... ;) )

Once again we had a great view to the little Hotel beach and the ocean (well, and the Fish restaurant at the other side, but that didn't bug me).

Beach with Bar (where I had an interesting conversation with a Hotel employee who was running around with a neat Nikon D40 I think. He was shooting for the Hotel brochure, but didn't really have a clue and asked ME for Tips, grin...... )

The Hotel areal is gorgeous. Entrance

A beautiful Pool area, lots of flowers, a big Fitness Center, good Restaurants & two Bars (one at the Beach and one at the Pool), friendly staff (a little understaffed though, especially during breakfast times, coughcough). We had a great time though :). Met a lot of interesting people as well. Saudis and Kuwaitis mainly. Interesting conversations as well.

This one's early morning Saturday at the Hotel beach

Views from the back of our Hotel

Golden bridge It was early morning and humid - the original shot was pretty grey, so I played a bit ;)