Today I've sent an email to team Ipernity.

For one about the Issue about my double comments and second about the Issue with


Here's the email:


Hello there,

two things that are bugging me:

1. I have the issue that after posting a comment it sometimes shows up double. I have this now on and off since around two months.

No big deal, just to let you know.

2. I'm sure someone (or a bunch of people) might have contacted you already about a site called Pixrat?

They are "using" pictures from Ipernity users. They have two of mine, which are and have been "All rights reserved". The backlink is proper, it leads back to my page.

I just don't know if they do this with your guys permission.

Thanks, Nicole




Does anyone know the deeper purpose of Pixrat???

Is it possible that this is just something similar to "dig it" ???



Team Ipernity is already looking into this!