Yesterdays news in the Arab Times leaves me with mixed emotions.

KOC (Kuwait Oil Company) organized a beach clean up at Abu Halifa Beach. The Kuwait Autism Center and a number of special needs schools participated in the exercise and it was supervised by KOC and the UAE diving society. The event was held simultaneously in the UAE, Qatar, Bahrain and Oman as well. It will be held once a year.
Now you wonder probably what about this leaves me with mixed emotions? Well, the ones that read my blog from time to time know what I think of littering in general and the trash situation in Kuwait in special.

You have Litterbugs all over the world. But I rarely see a beach for example where people just leave all their fast food bags and other Leftovers only because there's a trash guy paid to pick trash up.

Btw. I have never seen a beach without trash cans or containers either. Mainly it gets collected in a big hole in the ground and either burned or picked up later. The small beaches like in Mangaf simply don't have trash cans.

Or I have not seen it that at a construction site all kinds of trash just piles up. And I mean PILE UP when I say that.

Don't get me wrong, I wholeheartedly support cleaning activities like the one from KOC, but there needs something to get rolling. The mind frame of people needs to be changed. It will not work with fines. We all know how that works here in Kuwait.

So, how will we be able to do this? Honestly I have no idea. I'll probably keep cleaning up "my" part of the beach once a week and try to live with the rest?

Any ideas welcome.