I went and made an eye - test today.
I wanted to get some decent sun glasses with prescription.

Found some nice ones, not too expensive. Now, in a real glasses shop, you should think, all are good and good against the sun light, no? No.

But let me start at the beginning.

Got there, went with that nice Asian Doctor to the machine, she scanned (?) my eyes and did the manual test. She was very surprised that I’m using glasses at all. For work at the Computer, yeah, but outside, no.
And a stigmata (I still can’t get used to that word), she couldn’t really see a Stigmata.
My eye sight was never really BAD, but a) I had a Stigmata in my left eye and the sight was somewhere around 0,75 (I can never remember that).
I can also NOT wear soft lenses because of that Stigmata, had to have hard ones.

Now she tells me, that for Sunglasses I don’t need a prescription, just VERY good and Polarized sunglasses. And soft lenses would do, if I WANT them. Hard ones are not available for that low of a prescription, only in color (huh???)

Now, they tried really hard to convince me that they are right, but I had some trouble to believe it.
I asked them , if it’s possible for eyes to get better and for a Stigmata to disappear, but the only answer I could get was “Maybe you are more relaxed”. Well, I didn’t work in the last 5 years and I had half a year REAL vacation last year, my eyeside was still worse than two years ago when I checked in Germany the last time.

“But we are professionals”, the nice guy says, “We are the biggest Company in Kuwait”

Yeah, and the girl that did my test in Germany is a Master Optician.

I still am weirded out a bit….. any clues out there?