Is pretty much what I do lately. Wonder how things work in this place. Wonder why not everything just falls apart ;) Things work quite different here than anywhere else. Must be with so many mixed cultures. There are 2 million Expatriates here and 1 million Kuwaitis. I mean, take for example all the lowly paid workers, I'm not talking about the guys that take your trash or drive the taxi, I mean the ones that clean the malls and keep the toilets tidy.

Thursday, we were having a coffee at Al Kout mall. Outside of the Sultan Center. There's trash laying around on the floor (a rare sight), one of those cleaners leaning against the wall, chitchatting with another guy. The he started , no not, getting the trash, he started, splashing water on the ground, little dips, and scrubbing it a bit with a broom. He did that for a few minutes, then went This is a short Video of it, but wordpress seems to have Issues now with my Videos hosted on Ipernity as well :(

Or yesterday, a cleaning lady in of the public mall toilets (I'm not going to say which one, because she's a nice and sweet lady), was laying on top of the hand wash basins, deep asleep.

And talking to one young guy in a Sports shop about people in general here and work, etc., he told me that he actually had a job in the Scientific Center to feed the animals and do stuff there, but his work Visa got transferred to this job, selling sports clothes and shoes.

And you wonder why you get a shitty service here? Having people work in jobs, they a) absolutely didn't want and b) where they have no freaking clue what the hell they are doing?! He didn't have a clue about running shoes.

The last experience really got me thinking. I mean, I know that most people are here, because the money is better than at home. No matter who you take. But Westerners at least can choose their job. Or work in what they have learned to do. Here it seems that they a) just get put in ANY job AND are paid quite shitty.