The last two days I had some pretty nice Taxi drivers.

Showing me around, explaining me things, well and explaining me things I’m not sure I wanna know ;).

Like today, one guy, Sri Lankan, tells me that Europeans are the better people. They are better then the Middle Eastern. Middle Eastern think only about money and fucking.


First time I thought, I didn’t hear right, but he repeated it about two more times. I was not fast enough with my brain to switch my camera to video mode, oh well

He went on explaining that all Europeans are good people, like Germans, Austrians, Japanese, Australians and so……

OK? Sure, man, keep it up

I love to listen to them, especially when they say "too much" instead of "too many" ;)
Gives conversations a whole different meaning .

This was a Taxi driver from Egypt.



I wonder if it helps to find the address when one stairs at the card for 5 minutes (while driving)