From the Kuwait Times Newspaper (Wednesday 24th of October):


KUWAIT: The Manager of Ahmadi Municipality Abdullah Al-Hees announced that the municipality would soon post notices warning all Kuwaiti citizens assembling spring camps at the beginning of November not to build their tents on the left hand side of the King Fahd Expressway until the Nuweiseeb area. He warned that the municipality would also demolish any tents built in restricted areas in order to conserve the desert environment. He asked all to abide by the camping regulations such as keeping away from high voltage electricity grids, petroleum installations and other restricted governmental authorities. He also asked citizens to keep the desert clean especially since the municipality has now placed garbage containers in close proximity to all camping areas.


OK, this is all good and a wonderful start. Can we continue doing so in protecting the ocean and the beaches as well???


Yesterday (October 26th 2007)morning at the beach. The Leftovers from a few Partys

I was so pissed, I could barely hold the cam still :(

The Collection

Clean again - But that's only a small part of the beach, let alone all of Kuwait



The beaches look like trash piles & nobody really cares, it seems.


Trash on a cemetery right beside Fahaheel beach


Or the areas around construction sites? We literally live on a trash dump - no kidding.