The red Fort - Das rote Fort ~ Al Jahra, Kuwait

We have been there in May. We were at first not allowed to take pictures. I don't know if they changed it by now. The museum had been changed recently and I guess they wanted to publish the pictures first. After some begging and promising not to publish the pictures, we could take some. But that's 4 months ago, they should be done by now ;)


Wir waren hier im May und zuerst hiess es wir duerfen keine Bilder machen. Nachdem wir etwas geheuolt haben, durften wir ganz inoffiziell unter dem Versprechen nichts zu veroeffentlichen Bilder knipsen. Das Museum war gerade renoviert und mit neuen Sachen bestueckt. Sie wollten wohl die ersten sein, die etwas veroeffentlichen. Das ist jetzt 4 Monate her, ich denke, jetzt kann ich die Bilder endlich auspacken :)

Al Jahra or Jahra is a small town 32 km west of Kuwait city. Lots of Bedouins live here, people that have no passports and no nationality. (I might tell their story another day) You get warned not to go here alone, especially not as a woman.

Al Jahra is the place where 1920 invading troops from Saudi were defeated and where the infamous "Turkey shoot" happened, the destruction of an Iraqi convoy by Allied troops as it retreated.

No signs are left from those battles.

Only the red Fort, which was originally the Summer residency of the Amir. He used it as a base for hunting trips. During the 1920 Saudi attacks it played a key role in defending Kuwait.


The museum inside the Fort



Replica of a hunter - watch that guy in the left corner ;)

Jaeger - man beachte den Kerl unten links ;)

The Amir's guns (Emir - von arabisch امير‎ amīr und türk. emir )

Die Gewehre vom Amir (Emir (von arabisch امير‎ amīr und türk. emir )

Hunting tools - Jagdwerkzeug



The Amir and his hunting party - Der Amir und seine Jagdgesellschaft

His falconer - Sein Falkner (?)




More pictures from the museum inside will come