(Video will follow asap ;) )

Hey, for most of you out there it's getting close to the weekend. Here in Kuwait, the weekend is already there. When I arrived it was on Thursday and Friday, last month they finally changed it to Friday and Saturday.

But what's even better: It's the end of Ramadan - Yippie :)

Why this makes me happy? Because now I can a) drink some water again when I roam the markets and b) you can have a coffee and some Lunch again when you go somewhere.
I got my Life back ;)

Hubby even called me this morning when he got to work and I was at the beach, to confirm that it's over :).

We had a fun time at the beach, some pictures of it:

Blurry pic of the early fishermen taking the net in - not successful today

Not much



It's dark at 5.30 a.m.


I was taking pictures of the dogs at the beach behind me when this one almost got my camera ;0


Wrong direction - Hello? I'm over hhhheeerrrreee!


Leftover - Pigs. That's all I have to say about that :(


Goofin' around


Waiting for me - to stop taking crappy pictures of the waves and throw that Frisbee. Well guys, you gotta give it to me ;)


Grainy beach scene - On one hand I wish for another cam - on the other: would I take that one so close to the water??? ;)


That happy smile

Miss Goofy


OHOH - trouble's coming her way

Trouble arrived

Trouble's taking the Frisbee ;)


Sunny boy with the Conquered Frisbee



At around 5.30 a.m. I started hearing some weird sound. Like music / singing. When it went on and on, I thought that either someone is celebrating Ramadan here at the beach or it's the prayers from the mosque to celebrate it.
It was the latter.

When I came closer to the Apartment I caught the last of it: (Will follow later)


And I caught some pictures as well. I hope, I'll not go to jail for taking / posting these ;)

End of Ramadan - Friday prayer gives extra points in heaven and end of Ramadan prayer even more?


I wish you all a wonderful day!!!