This morning (Friday 5th of October) on our way to the bank (I needed to get rent money and instead of taking the cab this afternoon, I took the dogs there for a walk in the morning, it's Kuwaiti weekend, so it's not nice at the beach for us anyway ;)), we passed by a restaurant patio with 4 cats laying there. All relaxed and watching us walk by.

We have figured that cats in Kuwait are not really afraid of dogs, but what happened this morning was pretty amazing.

One cat started to follow us. Mh, I thought and "parked" the dogs, got my camera out and started to take some pictures when a Baby cat came around the corner. OK, more pictures. Not that they would be any good. My camera is not a fan of low light. Anyway. A few seconds later two more cats came for a look. More pictures.

When I finally had enough, the dogs got up to and made a step towards the cats. All hell broke loose that moment, because the last two cats started attacking.

Nobody got hurt though. I had King very short anyway and the cats kept a little distance.
I was laughing my butt off and trying to take pictures the same time.
They are not good, but they show a bit of the fun that we had :D