After waking up at 1 a.m. in the morning thanks to the motorcycle guys, we thankfully went instantly back nightnights. I hope, they stop that after Ramadan.

In the morning we (the dogs and I) went for a short jog down to the beach and played, enjoying the rough sea and even the humidity. It wasn't bad, because the air was still cool. You could almost imagine a day in autumn :).

When we were heading back, falling into a slow jog again, we saw our "favorite" trash guy. A man, hard to guess how old he is, with a weathered face. He spent half an hour watching the dogs the other day.
This morning he kept waving at me, I figured, he wants to tell me something. But he had another surprise. He had picked some fresh Dates for me from the trees behind their barracks.
Did you ever taste fresh Dates? So sweet and good.
I thanked him and he was so happy that I took & liked them (ate one right there :).
On my way back home I thought of something to show him my thanks, not money, even if they do need it, not food, their taste is way too different from ours, but I figured something that he wouldn't get anywhere else. One of my small picture frames from the very beach that he cleans up every morning. I think, that's a fine idea.

You know, when you live in a country, so foreign to you, you really have to look for the small good things that are there, or you'll easily drift into a deep dark hole.
I usually am easy to please.
Give me a Computer, Internet, a camera and at least some decent things to shoot, some good books are needed as well. (Maybe I should put my husband and my dogs at the beginning of that? ;)
That will make me happy, no matter the place.

This country makes it a bit harder for me, because I'm a friendly & open person. But these things can lead most men here to believing that you are similing at them, because you want a Date with them. So I started not to look and smile at anyone anymore. Which makes me pretty unhappy.
I'm slowly turning back to my old self. Saying "Hello" and being nice. If someone crosses me though, he gets a taste of the mean German in me, not a problem at all.

It feels good to be myself again :).

And btw. the Dates with coffee are great :)