This morning at the beach I've seen the lowest tide ever.
All those rocks that are usually hidden were there, a beautiful scenery.

I was running around taking pictures of the little sea Life

and some fishermen that were getting their nets in

when King found a fish between the rocks. Still alive.

I tried to shove it back in the water with my foot (from Hungary I know that some fish can hurt you with their scales or teeth. I realized that this one was still caught on a fishing line with a hook in its mouth.

It wasn't hurt, so I tried to get the hook out, but there was no way. I didn't have no other tools but a knife, so I cut the line and went over to the fishermen to give them an extra fish.

They took it gladly and showed me their biggest catch of the day. In German we call it Rochen. (I think it's called stingray in English.) I felt sorry for it, but that's the way Life goes, no?


A few days ago I saw a dead Tiger one at the beach.