Am just back from a good nights sleep (well almost - both) ;)
Not awake yet - just have been at the beach with the doggies, but too many men around, waiting to give me their phone number and talk to me, when I just want to let the dogs play a bit.
It's their weekend (the guys') and so they are all here around that time (5 a.m.) to see the sun rise and start another day of Ramadan.
Which leads me to the interrupted nights sleep. At midnight I woke up from a hammering sound "Pling Pling", I went on the balcony and sure enough, down there a technician tried to make a hole in the wall. I told him to stop that shit. "Oh, 5 more minutes Mam..." "I don't think so".
I went back inside and he started again. I yelled (more likely hisses, I didn't wanna wake up the whole house, or my husband who has a twelve hour workday and is now working 7 days a week). He stopped again, I guess he had strict orders from his boss to do that NOW. Went back inside and into bed, fuming. And sure enough a short while later I heard people talking. I went back outside and told to Shut the f*** up. It helped. Soon after I was back into LaLa land and hubby didn't wake up. Good :)
Now I'm here.
Ready for a new day :D