After six years with flickr, at first just using it as a repository for digital images, and then this past few years coming to find its groups and sense of community a useful opportunity for learning and sharing common passions, I cannot believe how quickly and systematically Yahoo is destroying what was once such an excellent website. Clearly I do not fit into the new flickr demographic. What irks me most about Yahoo's recent changes is not the change itself (change is inevitable), but how it was implemented. There was absolutely no warning, and what I was inevitably served up removed any and all choice as to how I display my images or how I interact within the flickr community. As bad as all that may be, the fact I just cannot get flickr to work from three of four devices tells me that Yahoo has completely underestimated the technical challenges they would face; who in this day and age shuts down their entire network for maintenance!

I have seen enough of Yahoo this past couple months to know that they are desperately grasping at straws. Yahoo lost the Internet to Google many years ago and now the real price is finally being paid.

The price of staying with flickr seems to be getting progressively higher and higher with every desperate upgrade. Hello ipernity.