Two months ago... I was frantic! I had just accepted a teaching position in South Korea and was trying to mentally prepare myself on what living halfway around the world would really be like. I prayed and knew this is where God wanted me. But... why in a country where English is not the primary language? Why so far away from everyone I love? And why a place where I am WAY out of my comfort zone where NOTHING is familiar?

Well... it is now two months later. I can't believe that I have only been here for a month and a half (technically... not even a half yet). It feels like I have been here forever (which is a good thing). It did not take me long to adjust to my little area of Busan. There are still MANY things I don't understand... but... I love the challenge of trying to learn. I can't claim to fully know why God led me to Busan. However, which each passing day and new adventure He is showing me more and more.

Praise be to God. I am thankful to be His.

Side note:
I am late on starting a blog. I am also late meeting some friends for a hike today. I will use this blog to update my lovely family and friends (and maybe even strangers!) with pictures and articles of my adventure while I am residing in South Korea.