Dear Fellow Americans,

Most of you have probably seen feeds on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and the various other social networking sites out there either praising or critiquing our government. Some of them are rather heated, some bordering on mutinous. Many cause serious damage to friendships and relations, some even being brought out into the streets. (Yes, that's happened.)

My query this evening is this: How many of you voicing your opinions, liking other peoples' opinions or even outright fighting over someone else's opinion have done anything toward fixing the problems that currently face our nation ASIDE from voting?

How many of you have written to your Congressperson, Senator, even your President? How many of you have even thought to attempt to be a voice that is heard rather than just touted on a social site?

There are many problems plaguing America, and many things to be upset about. The problem that I am seeing is that people would rather pick one or two things to be mad about and then rant and rage about them to whomever will listen or even argue with them. I see very little in the way of people actually acknowledging that any issue other than the ones they are vehement about are of any importance.

What you have now is the nation divided, into so many different factions (yes, you are creating factions by picking sides on various different issues) without any one of the issues ever actually getting any support from either side. People are too busy going about their daily lives and using the issues at hand as just so much fodder for the gossip mills to keep their days alive.

You can volunteer your time to support an issue, you can write a letter to your politician of choice voicing all your concerns and opinions, you can make a stand instead of just finding another reason to be mad at the way things are going. YOU can be part of the solution!! America doesn't have to let the government keep floundering and wish-washing. America can take back its responsibility to itself and its government and actually start doing its job!!!

Worried your voice won't be heard? Worried that your politician of choice will just sweep your letter aside like so much garbage? Is that because that's what you would do if it were you?

Whatever else happens, wherever this country and its people end up (our kids, our grandkids, all our future generations) is depending on us to take our responsibility back. If we don't do this, if America doesn't get its act together, I assure you, there are plenty of people sitting around watching us self-destruct, waiting for an opportunity to sweep in and take control if we won't.