Justin’s article on a long-retired power plant in the Twin Cities that is due to be demolished made me think of all the early power plants I know of that I’ve seen in person - whether they are still serving their original role or not.

Appleton, MN / Hering St. north of Thielke Ave
Plant retired by Otter Tail; now used by city as storage

Benson, MN / Pacific Ave. west of US 12
Municipal plant still in use but re-powered to run on diesel for backup.

Virginia, MN / 6th Ave. S & 1st St. S
Municipal plant still in use but likely re-powered to run on gas or diesel. Doubtful whether it still generates power for the municipal utility but is evidently still used for the heating system.

Harwood, ND / County 81 north of Benefit Lane
Diesel plant still in use; now a backup / peaking plant for Minnkota 69kV transmission system. Likely served town before it joined Cass County Electric

Kincaid, ND / ND 40 south of Columbus in coal field
Plant was retired / abandoned in 1966 (built by United Power Co. shortly before selling out to MDU in 1926)

Westhope, ND / 1st Ave. between Main and 1st St. East
Plant retired by Otter Tail; now serving as city hall and maintenance shop. Originally constructed as main plant for Erickson Power Co.

Williston, ND / south of 9th Ave. & 2nd St. W
Plant still in use by MDU but long since re-powered to run on natural gas for backup / peaking service.

Flandreau, SD / west of Wind / Park
Plant retired by municipal; now used as commercial space. Originally the Dakota Light & Power Co. plant.

Howard, SD / Dakota St. north of Market
Plant retired by municipal; now serves as storage for electric division

Madison, SD / 3rd St. SW / Union Ave. S
No longer generating power but is still used by municipal utility as offices and electric utility shop

Salem, SD / SE of Norton / Idaho
Plant retired by NSP; now serves as storage for utility. Likely originally built by Central West Public Service Co.

Sioux Falls, SD / Falls Park
Plant complex retired by NSP and given to city. City restored 1908 hydro plant (currently vacant but was a cafe recently) and leveled 1920s steam addition (where parking lot is).

Woonsocket, SD / W 4th St. between Dumont / 3rd Ave.
Unclear as to whether the plant has been retired or not - no sign of generators but plant still has warning signs on door.