A few years after I moved to Sioux Falls in the 1980s, I came across an older 4kV line that is evidently a major tie line between two of the remaining 4kV subs and was one of the lines into the downtown area. This line originally ran between 12th St. and 24th St. but now ends at about 16th St. after Xcel recently rebuilt the last of the distribution lines downtown to 13.8kV (which is all underground).

This seems to be one of the oldest surviving 4160V lines (will have to try and get another look at the tags on some of the poles to determine the approximate age) and has a character all its own, and I have managed to photograph many of the poles along this line over the years.

12th St (lower arm): www.ipernity.com/doc/ndlinegeek/18591497

15th St.: www.ipernity.com/doc/ndlinegeek/18520231

16th St. (north - ca. 1991): www.ipernity.com/doc/ndlinegeek/18786639
16th St. (approx - ca. 1997): www.ipernity.com/doc/ndlinegeek/18784463
16th St. (approx - today): www.ipernity.com/doc/ndlinegeek/18786309

Railroad crossing (ca. 1997): www.ipernity.com/doc/ndlinegeek/18786801
Railroad crossing (today): www.ipernity.com/doc/ndlinegeek/18786515

17th St. (approx. - ca. 1997): www.ipernity.com/doc/ndlinegeek/18786049

18th St. (north): www.ipernity.com/doc/ndlinegeek/27065511

18th St. (south): www.ipernity.com/doc/ndlinegeek/18591295

19th St.: www.ipernity.com/doc/ndlinegeek/27065515

20th St. (north): www.ipernity.com/doc/ndlinegeek/18182083

20th St. (south): www.ipernity.com/doc/ndlinegeek/18182103

24th St.: www.ipernity.com/doc/ndlinegeek/18786203