The end of the year is approaching quickly. I say the end of the year and not Christmas as it's the end of the year that I'm concentrating on. Christmas has for all intensive purposes for me, become very much a commercialized holiday with the emphasize on the public spending money on things the public doesn't really need.

Another hedonistic idiosyncrasy devised by humanity for the advancement of humanity.... kind of a strange irony there somewhere?

My cars broken!
It decided to spit the dummy and blow a metal cooling pipe on the way home from a shoot. It took just under four hours, five stops to let the car cool down and fill up with water again, two big bags of crisps, one 2 litre bottle of lemonade, and 127 shots of farm gates, cloud formations and self portraits to get home.

I hate things breaking this time of year!

I'll be back soon....