I know there are some photographers and people in general who have weighed in their minds the relationship between themselves and photography. What is photography and what is the extent of my relationship to it?

I know and understand the mental conflict that can rage in the mind of a photographer, with their "thoughts on top of thoughts" about the nature photography and their explicit relationship to it and the manner in which they convey, express and visually engage people with the medium. Is it the "Vehicle of Visual Engagement" you had perceived it to be and does the ride have a destination? (a level of comprehendible understanding on a par with what we as photographers intended or hoped for)

I suppose you have pondered the concept of human relativity that presumes not everyone thinks the same. And in pondering and finding that awareness have perhaps come to some sort of compromise in knowing that your photography, which could be full of personal integrity, consciousness, emotive evocation and relativity, social and political issues and visually appealing and engaging qualities might never be seen, consciously or subconsciously, as would like it to be seen?

For me though knowing the frailties of the humanity and the associated limited psyche I firmly believe, that does not negate the intention or purpose of photography (on an artistic level) to confront peoples minds any lesser than when first conceptualized by you! What it does mean though, (according purely to my own subjective reasoning) is that photography is a "timeless concept of visual engagement", forever being comprehended. Your photography might be comprehended today, a week from now, a month from now, a year from now or even a hundred years from now. But I think (once again, accordingly purely to my own subjective reasoning) as long as we confront people with visual questions and answers, perhaps then, photography is at a point where it's integrity is more applicable to our intentions than we could have ever realized!

For me the photography of all the other photographers, whose work I peruse, means something! It may mean something different to me than it does to them or you but invariably it means something.