I have often thought in life there are defining points at which we either choose to do something or we choose not to. As our lives progress there is the inevitable acquisition of thoughts that enter our mind in the form of a question, "What would have been if I had done something?" or "What would have been if I didn't do something?"

I think essentially the resulting questions are the same in terms of relativity, where a change for the better or worse is the sum of the equation. I have made mistakes a plenty before and know as long as my bum points towards the ground, I'll make a few more in my life. But I learnt from most of those mistakes to be whom and where I am today. Though I have these thoughts of whom I could be and where I might be, if I had made different decisions or had chosen not to learn from my mistakes. Yes I do mean "learn", it is a conscious decision in its own right to learn from mistakes and it is not a process of merely being.

If I take this concept of thought further I tend to always arrive at a point or another question that question being.... "Are we defined by what we do or what we don't do?"

Well are we, what do you think?
Your thoughts....