Okay so a handful of people like some of my photographic work, (my head swells and I redesign my ego in the mirror looking for a bigger comb), hey that's cool that I evoke some level of visual engagement with my photographs. It is my intention to do so on whatever small or large level of engagement that may be.

But what I ask that you do, is be open and honest with me, if you can and have the ability to express yourself then do it! I'm not above or beyond wanting and willing to see and understand alternate perspectives of thought and sight applied to my images.

I would ask that you do this for me (if you can) because it allows me to see and understand my photographic expression through cultural idiosyncrasies, subjective analysis, and personal tastes of others in the community. In doing so you provide me another perspective of opinionated thought and visual reception of my own photography, alternate to that of my own.

Please if you bookmark one or more of my images as a favorite then please let me know why you see it as a favorite....

To bookmark an image and then just leave without saying anything is a little weird and unsettling in my mind but that again could be Maori and Kiwi nativity coming out in me. So hey please if you like a photograph by all means bookmark it as a favorite but please find some time to tell me why it has become a favorite for you.