I'm gonna have to cap the contacts I have on my home page as my iperMail inbox runifover with people adding me to their own contact's list. Don't get me wrong I appreciate the gesture like a fish appreciates water but, if I was to reciprocate every contact then my home page would take an eternity to download with all the little icons for members of ipernity.
I think there might something in the use of those for ipernity to consider in the functionality of this application.

Believe it or not this old fashion fella is still on a dial-up connection, whoa...., yeah okay...., when you've finished laughing get yourself off the floor.... sheez, it's not that funny is it?

Being the first country in the world to see the sun doesn't mean where top of the world in telecommunications and we have a relatively young and uncompetitive communications market in this country at the moment. So there is what you might say is "a monopoly on prices" for broadband here. For me who doesn't or can't justify the use of broadband as a business or personal asset, I have no desire to pass over money that can be used more productively elsewhere. Hence I'm still on the old fashioned dial-up, 56k, slower than a snail at a drag meet connection.

The other reason for capping the contacts list is that all those icons together in a BIG cluster look like shit! I don't know about you but, I don't like shit. I know you have to shit or you die but, hey do we have to go blind too?

Know I'm not the type of person to give away something for nothing, so if you got me on your list then I'll be coming over for a nosey, a chat or a BBQ or all of that at once. I'd be doing the same regardless of whether you had me on your list or not. Thanks for the additions of ndiginiz to your contacts list.