Photography initially began for me as an attraction to human character. I can remember vividly as a child of eight or nine, how I would find myself looking through hoards of old black and white prints that were stored in old biscuit tins. On those days when rain suspended a child’s life perusing through those old biscuit tins was a normal pastime for me.

On looking at those prints I use to marvel at the subjects with their wrinkled faces who had such soulful eyes and sun bleach skin and that impressed upon me a visual interpretation of hardship. I would wonder how it came to be that life itself had been etched on to the faces of those people. That powerful aspect of photography and that degree of visual connectivity has never grown old with me.

Of course like so many others, my first wade into photographic waters was via film. With the advancement of photographic technologies and the coming of the digital revolution I now wade in digital waters. That being said I still have a strong and undeniable attachment to the medium through which my passion was birthed and matured.

It was after a long absence from photography that I rekindled my interests with serious intentions in the latter stages of 2005. I believe “we see and understand ourselves better within the confines of four frames” and I think photography on some level of visual connectivity should evoke an emotive quality or response in that epiphany. I view my photography as a means to confront people visually; the result of that confrontation is the interpretation or emotive response people may have. My Photographic preference at the moment leans towards rediscovering black and white images except this time round in a digital medium.

I purposefully attempt to capture people in their reality because I like the truth of the moment to be present and in that regard I consider myself a photography with a street style without being confined to just street photography. I like to create abstract images where people look at something they may have become desensitised to and allow them the opportunity to rediscover what has been taken for granted.

I find myself still attracted to human character and have a little quote of my own that I like to mutter to myself from time to time. It helps me to reaffirm and understand the reason why I’m still attracted to human character….

"We are touched even more by those we know nothing about, should we open our eyes, heart and mind to the discovery of others in the confines of a frame ~ the photographic revelation of life is a strength that opens doors of discovery about those we look at and about ourselves in the way we look at life"

I tend not to post exif data as for me “photography is not about the camera”. Inherently it’s the eye that sees an image, photography for me in principle begins with the eye.

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