Some of my boating and cruising friends want me to put together a coffee table book of my photography. I felt very flattered and a bit embarrassed at their constant asking.
I know that I do have a lot of images (how many - about 20000) that I like but what do you pick to please other peoples likes? Can you ever please everyone? No!
How do you go about putting such a large project together? The old school way is to spead your images out and sort through with a fine tooth comb. That's a great way, except I don't have the room.
I decided to do some research and then some more research. As a matter of fact a hell of a lot of research. Now I am not only snowed down with thounsands of images going through my little pea brain but I also have a mountain of information to sift through, not to mention counting all the hours sitting at the computer instead of being out there taking more photos. ;o)))
What it really comes down to, for me anyway, is to produce a written scapebook of all my ideas; a hardcopy, non computer style that I can keep refering back to when need be, to be able to change at a monments notice as the ideas pop out of my head.
That done now I need to go off and look at some photos...................................