Hoping to push the shutter button soon, it is on my mind both day and night. So much is going on right now between the new (32 year old - needs lots of help- Jeep Wagoneer), work, family and everyday life that the Alpha hasn't crawled out of its bag in a while.

I keep seeing the world in photos but haven't the time to pull over and make the shot. It kills me a little each foggy dawn on my way to work that I can't pull over, set up the tripod and make an image from a mere sight. Each night coming home from a long days toil, with the soon to set sun in my eyes I think of the golden hour and can see it in front of me but am pulled away from it by the bliss that is spending time with my family. What do you do with bliss? Say "I don't want to be blissful today, I'll just skip awe and wonderment to go do my own thing!" Bullshit.

I think I need another day, every day that I'm not missed or needed by anyone, that I'm not missing or needing someone. One day for each and every one that is already spoken for. I need 730 days to complete a full year in the calendar of Me. Okay, laziness may overcome me on a few of those days so give me 650 and I could...no I couldn't. I need 730 to build a miniature train set, clean the garage, finish painting, finish the floors, restore an Alpine and a Wagoneer, fix the shower, landscape the yard, refinish a door, and oh yea, take a photo or two that aren't snapshots.

I sense I'm not alone here....I hope.