Fall has settled in here nicely. Mid 70's during the day and mid 40's at night. The skies are clear and only the mildest of breezes wanders in from the north. Trees are beginning to paint their leaves in colors only sunsets and dawns had dreampt of during the summer. The days grow shorter and the nights ever so long, and cool. Colors of the leaves on trees are not the only things changing when I break out my sweaters though. This change in the seasons calls for a move away from the lighter Gins and Vodkas to a heavier, more robust and substantial Whiskey. Amber waves of grain. The burn of a cheap blended American 1/5 or a Scotch, single malt, full of a variety of flavors that are like walking a gauntlet of subtle caresses to the pallet. Ahh, winter. Bring on the whiskey.