Contemporary life is a mix of old traditions and new.
Man is a rational connection and nature.
Human feelings don`t have forms. Happiness, joy, harmony , hope and love don`t have realistic forms. It feelings and emotions .
Painting basis - an image of man as a complex of emotions and sensations that connects psychology and character.
Individual approach to person. Man is a complex of different emotions and unique range of colors. Man is like kaleidoscope - all people have a unique pattern . Painting is done individually for a specific person. Meeting man I see him through the senses and emotions. After stand it on canvas . It can be geometry or chaotic strokes .
Therefore, all the pictures are different. All people can not be defined in one style.
In the life of someone who loves jazz and someone who loves opera. Artist - always works for people . The artist's task - to draw for a person , and people are all different.
I called this direction