Hi everyone, I would like to thank you all for your visits, lovely comments and friendship. I am going away for almost 10 weeks or maybe longer. I do not think I will have a chance of coming on the Ipernity much at all.. I am looking forward to my overdue holiday, most of my holiday will be spend in Macedonia with family and friends.. I will go to Greece for some trips or shopping, they do have very nice shops and restaurants.. As you all know I am going to Barcelona as well to meet some of you there, that will be a very nice trip, will be there for one week.. Barcelona is probably on of my favorite city. I been there before but not long enough to see everything.. Some of your will live in Barcelona and have offer to show me around, that will be so nice you need to be living there to know what to show to people..When I come back I will have so many photos to put on here, it may take me a year before I can put lots of the photos on here..

So my friends do not forget me I will be back.. I wish everyone of you pleasant stay, keep on taking photos and keep on leaving your life.. do not waste any moments as we do not know what is ahead of us..

Lots of love and kisses to your all...may god take care of all of us..xxxxx