Hi my dear friends around the world. I have not posted anything for a while and I taught I will send you one today.. I know for most of you including me its a boring topic.. I need to get my paper work done for my tax before I go to my European holiday... Not sure if you people around the globe need to do that but in Australia it is compulsory to pay tax.. Most people have simple tax return to do, that mean if you are employed you get you group certificate fill the form and send it to taxation, then taxation lets you know whether you have to pay more tax or they will refund you some.. In my situation is a bit different, I work for my self and have lots of paper work to do.. I started today and its going to take me maybe one week.. I just like your support in this boring time.. so if you cum up with funny idea or jokes let me know, I believe that will make me laugh and the time will go quirk.

Take care everyone and I do hope you all enjoy life as much as I do..