Hi my dear friends, I have not written a post for a while been too busy taking photos.. Someone came with the idea to organize cheap accommodation for us people who love to travel. I was invited to join the group and became an promoter for the group. What I like to ask all of you on here is to help us develop and grow the group.. There are so many of you so talented and enthusiastic in helping people.. We need you to come and give us your ideas and advice about the travel. What we can do is find out in your area places where we can stay and to be close to transport. As you all know the biggest cost in travel is accommodation, I love to travel and many of you do too but when I have to pay the ticket to Europe plus food plus accommodation it all amounts to far more then we want or have to spend.. At this point its an idea but everything starts with a seed, plant and if we water it it will grow.. I am waiting for all of your good ideas.... take care all of you greetings down and under... Nada