Hi everyone, as you all know it is very busy time of the year, everyone in some ways is getting ready for the season time. I was thinking how about we all describe in few wards how we celebrate Christmas, in our homes or in our country we live in.

I will tell you a bit about the country I was born.. our Christmas day is the 7Th of January, the reason of the different day is they told me is because they kept the old calender.. In the country I was born we do not exchange presents as we do here in Australia. The only people get presents is kids but that's only a bag of ya my things for the kids to eat. One other thing is different on the Christmas eve that is the 6Th of January the family stays at home that night and has a lent dinner with the family. That night they divide some fruit in season or dry fruit.. If anyone wants to know more about it just ask me I will tell you more..

Even that there is a couple of weeks before  Christmas< I would like to take this time and  wish you all  and you family Marry Christmas and Happy New Year. May god look after us all.

Take care all of you, Nada